Wine tourism in Attica has enormous possibilities. While this is at an initial, unorganized stage, however, next to Athens we can find one of the largest vineyards in the country. This certainly promises a better future.
Wine-lovers with interest in wine tourism in Attica will find too many wineries. Several of them are just visiting spots, while other wineries have spaces for social and other events.
Wine tasting in Greece once meant visiting someone in the neighborhood who had a few barrels of retsina in his basement or in the warehouse.
He weighed the empty pots on the same floor scales he used for charcoal or firewood sacks, but before filling them, if the barrel had just been opened, he encouraged them to test the content.
Unless he was leading an improvised wine association for his friends, he was unlikely to have more than one glass, which was rushed by water from an external tap.

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