Epirus Thessaly

is the western part of Northern Greece. At Epirus enotourism is mainly localized at Ioannina (Zitsa, Metsovo, Northern Tzoumerka) while in Thesprotia there is only one small winery at Filiaton municipality.
Visiting local manors can also be combined with various tours of cultural and historical value. An increasing number of people is aware of the magical world of wine,once considered to be full of secrets.

Epirus wine varieties: P.G.O. wines Zitsa ( Ioannina ) P.G.I. wines: Epirotikos – Ioannina – Metsovou

has got various interesting destinations while the enotouristic possibilities and winery tours are not that numerous,yet they are notable.The area has always been wine-related,starting from the Ancient Greek era. Thessaly is split in four counties,Larissa,Karditsa,Magnesia and Trikala. Larissa produces P.D.O. Rapsani,P.D.I. Kranion and P.D.I. Tirnavou. Trikala has no signature local wine,nor P.D.O.,although Meteora has been historically considered as remarkable wine-producing area. Karditsa,occupying a part of southern Thessaly produces the P.D.O. Menesikola. Finally,Magnesia produces the P.D.O. Agchialou.

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