Nemea is a well-known wine-producing region, an extension of 2 prefectures of the Peloponnese, Corinth and Argolida.
It is located 127 km away from Athens and it contains the biggest vineyards of the Balkan area. It is the "Bordeaux of South Eastern Europe", with 250 ha and over 30 large-scaled wineries.
The starting point of your visit to Nemea should be the stunning Temple of Zeus, along with its archaeological sites. You should definitely experience the taste of P.D.O. wines and explore the most grown grape-producing area of Greece.
In Nemea there is a kind of grape called Agiorgitiko, a valuable and significant variety that gives the best P.D.O. wine of Nemea.
The very well-known wine varieties produced in the area are:

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