It is the only place on the whole planet with so many winery varieties in such a small scale. It is undoubtedly Greece's top wine tourism destination!
This unique destination has an area of only 7,619 ha (76,19 km2) and more than 18 wineries to visit.
Those wineries have extremely friendly atmosphere and their proprietors are always happy to offer wine tasting experience and tours on their facilities. This is the place where wine lovers can witness the whole traditional vinification process.
The island produces nine indigenous grape varieties, including the famous Assyrtiko.
Traces of this dry white wine have been found in a prehistoric village excavated at Akrotiri, buried under the volcanic eruption that once upon a time sank half of the island.
The history of Santorini is famous around the globe. But what is particularly unique and not widely known about Santorini is the vinification process; how the vines form a basket with the grapes growing in the center so as to protect them from the harsh winds blowing in the Aegean.
Santorini is the perfect place to make a wine tour. Selected from 18 visiting wineries so close to you. Santorini wine tour is your experience.