Εast Μacedonia & Τhraki

The wine route starts from the sanctuary of Dionysus in Kali Vrisi of Drama, the god who taught us the cultivation of the vine.
Surrounding the villages of Drama, there is a great variety of wineries: towards Falakro Mountain, Kokkinogia, southeast of Drama, Mikrohori and around the historic town of Adrianis, famous for its excellent local wines and tsipouro. In the visiting wineries, which are surrounded by organized vineyards, the visitors can tour through the production areas, the wine cellar and the tasteful wine cellars so as to learn everything about these world- known wines and taste them.
Your wine trip continues at the vineyards of Kavala. There, the wineries are concentrated in the areas of Eleftheres and Orfanos, in the southwest of Mount Pangaion, a place which once was also a center of Dionysian worship.
If you continue, you will arrive at Thrace. In the Thracian Sea you will reach Avdira.

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