Athens-Attica Although still in its incipient stage, wine tourism in Attica has great potential.
The fact that one of the largest vineyards of the county is located next to Athens, is very promising. For wine lovers interested in wine tourism, there is a great abundance of wineries in the area. Some of them are just visiting spots, while others have specially equipped rooms for social events.
Wine tasting in Greece once meant visiting someone in the neighborhood who had a few barrels of retsina (resinated wine) in their basement or in their warehouse. The owner would weigh the empty pots on the same floor scale used for charcoal or firewood sacks, but before filling them, if the barrel had just been opened, the visitors were encouraged to taste the content.
Unless the owner had formed an improvised wine association with his friends, it was unlikely to have more than one glasses. The glass was washed up with water from an external tap and reused.
No one complaint for the lack of variety -the choices usually ranged among retsina, white and reddish wine. Most of this bulk wine, however, was delicious. Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon were yet to come.

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