Crete Island

Crete Island The traditional instruments of the island, such as the Cretan lyre, violin and laouto, played an important role in Crete’s past and present.
The Cretan cuisine has an incredible history also, many elements of which have survived to the present day. Old spices brought from the East, numerous greens and herbs, the unique olive oil and wine, are still used. At this cultural crossroad, many traditions survive while various characteristics of foreign cultures are still part of everyday life.
The incredible Cretan vineyards are an ideal choice for wine lovers from all over the world. Crete is the right place to visit in order to learn about the winemaking procedure, the special qualities of the products and also be informed on how soil, climate and different grape varieties affect the final product. Guided tours around the vineyards and in the wineries could charm any visitor.
There are various wineries in Crete. Each winery has its own unique atmosphere, yet all of them are equally hospitable and they offer valuable information about wine.
The grape varieties of Crete PGO (Protected Geographical Origin) are:
Archanes - red wines Heraklion, Dafnes - red wines Heraklion, Peza white & red wines Heraklion, Sitia & Malvasia of Sitia white & red wines, dry & sweet Lasithi, Handakas - Candia & Malvasia white wines.