West Macedonia

West Macedonia From the Prespa National Park to the majestic lake of Kastoria, and from the mansions of Siatista to the traditional Nymfaio village, the travel destinations of Western Macedonia offer natural and architectural benefits to travelers, but each one has its own uniqueness. History, local flavors and special wines make up a multifaceted travel profile that visitors can’t get enough of.
The greatest interest is found in the graphical Siatista, known for the famous sun-dried wine, and in Velventos, with the marvelous view to the artificial lake of Polyfyto.
The Siatista vineyard, with the PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) Siatista wines, consists of four wineries and seven traditional cellars. Fields and wineries in Velventos vineyard produce the Velvento wine. Velventos and Siatista have become the most popular destinations for wine tourism in Kozani.
Kozani’s vineyard produces the local Wine of Kozani, while the cultivation of vineyards has also been developed in the Serbian region. Grevena has around 3000 acres of vineyards.

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